Hi! Welcome on my website  🖤.

Let me introduce myself.

I love my husband Jelle and our cat Sabadie. Although I’m not sure he loves me back. He’s more of a loner and likes his food more. The cat I mean, not the husband 😉.

I love my family and friends.
I love being creative, although I have no graphic background. I love the peace of mind drawing brings.
I love sewing, however I don’t always have the patience for it 😏. I love fabrics more then sewing!

I love silkscreening, especially together with  Jelle and some good music in our workshop.

I recently got in touch with lino, but I love that too! I love the feeling of freedom traveling gives. I miss traveling. I love plants. Better, I adore plants!
I love that after so long dreaming about it, I finally started my own label in fabrics and clothing. It scares me too sometimes.
I love that you are here following me on my journey with AnnaBella.

I love following yours 🖤!